When unexpected dental problems arise in Pepperell, MA, turn to Premier Center for Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery for prompt and experienced care. Our dedicated team is prepared to address a wide range of urgent oral health concerns. Don’t hesitate to call us at (978) 708-0080 for immediate assistance.

Emergencies We Address

Severe Tooth Pain

If you’re experiencing intense toothache that isn’t relieved by over-the-counter pain medications, it’s important to seek professional help right away. We can diagnose and treat the underlying cause, whether it’s tooth decay, a tooth fracture, or a tooth infection.

Swelling of the Mouth or Face

Swelling can be a sign of a serious issue like a broken jaw or an infection. If you notice swelling, it’s crucial to see an oral surgeon promptly for assessment and treatment.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Time is of the essence when a tooth is knocked out. While you try to reinsert the tooth or store it in milk or saliva, contact us immediately. We may be able to save the tooth with timely intervention.

Our Emergency Dental Care Solutions

We offer a variety of urgent dental care services near Pepperell, MA:

  • Prompt 3D Imaging. We utilize advanced technology to accurately diagnose your condition.
  • Wound Suturing. We close open wounds to promote healing.
  • Tooth Extraction. We perform extractions when necessary to alleviate pain or address infection.
  • Tooth Reimplantation. We can attempt to reimplant knocked-out teeth when feasible.
  • Tooth Replacement Planning. We develop personalized plans for replacing teeth that cannot be saved.

For more details about our specific treatment approaches, please visit our Facial Trauma page.

Get Emergency Dental Care Near Pepperell, MA

Don’t delay seeking help for a dental emergency. Call Premier Center for Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery now at (978) 708-0080 to schedule immediate care.

Why Choose Premier Center for Emergency Dental Care?

With Dr. Ilya Garibyan and Dr. Tiffany Kuang at the helm, our team of experienced oral surgeons is committed to providing exceptional care in a comfortable and caring environment. We employ cutting-edge techniques and technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients in Pepperell and the surrounding communities.

Find Out More About Our Emergency Dental Services Near Pepperell, MA

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Pepperell, MA, reach out to Premier Center for Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery at (978) 708-0080.

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