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Dr. Garibyan and Dr. Kuang

30 August, 2023

The road to recovery after dental implant surgery is an exciting one. With proper care, you will soon chew comfortably and smile confidently again. While waiting for your dental implants to integrate with your jawbone, eat foods that support healing without irritating the area. Let us explore the guidelines for what to eat and avoid after surgery.

Avoid Irritating the Implant Site

You should avoid chewing directly on the implant sites during recovery. Even as you gradually add foods requiring more chewing, try to chew on the opposite side of your mouth as much as possible. This minimizes disturbance to the integrating implants.

Also, avoid foods and drinks that could irritate or infect the implant sites. Avoid extremely hot or cold foods, spicy foods, acidic foods and drinks, and anything with added sugar. Also, bypass nuts, seeds, popcorn, and other foods that could get stuck in the implant sites.

The First 3 Days of Eating After Surgery

For the day of surgery and the following two days, stick to nutritious foods requiring no chewing. Focus on smooth, pureed options like:

  • Pureed soups and broths
  • Plain yogurt
  • Smoothies without solid bits
  • Pureed fruits without seeds
  • Hummus

This super-soft diet gives your brand-new implants a gentle transition while providing nutrients for healing.

Week 1 After Implant Surgery

In the first week after the initial 3-day pureed diet, slowly begin incorporating foods needing minimal chewing. Some options to try:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Well-mashed potatoes
  • Steamed tender vegetables
  • Canned or cooked fruits without seeds
  • Beans, lentils, and soft tofu

Chew carefully on the opposite side from your implant sites as you get used to these soft but textured foods.

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Continue Recovery With Almost Regular Eating: Week 2 and Beyond

Two weeks after surgery, you can graduate to foods needing light chewing, like:

  • Tender fish
  • Soft, seedless fruits and veggies
  • Non-crunchy snacks like cream cheese and soft bread
  • Small pieces of thoroughly cooked meat

Take small bites and favor chewing on the side of your smile where you did not have implants placed. Healing is well underway!

Full Function Returns After Your Restorations Are Placed

Once your implants fully integrate and you receive your final restorations, you can return to your regular diet. Chew and smile fully with your renewed dental implants. Just be sure to maintain excellent oral hygiene and gum health.

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